Palm Coffee is a wholesale specialty roaster based in Hollywood, Florida that exists out pure passion and love for the coffee industry. In mid 2019 we came together to work on their fun and colorful branding and packaging.

Client: Palm Coffee Roasters

Location: Hollywood Beach, Florida

Date of Project: August 2019

Branding and Packaging Design: Zeki Michael

The new branding system of Palm Coffee Roasters reflects the endless passion and love for the industry. The main goal in this project was to reflect the brand values in every single detail of the design – consistent high quality coffee, good design representing Palm Coffee Roasters, an artisanal and passionate wholesale specialty roaster based in the palmy scenes of Hollywood Beach, Florida.

The hand lettered type and the resting Palm branch not only shows us the craftsman side of Palm, but also aims to feel professionally smooth and easy-going. This primary logo is designed to work responsively with different design assets, artwork and mascots.

Palm Coffee is a is a wholesale specialty roaster based in Hollywood, Florida that exists out pure passion and love for the coffee-industry-guidelines-print-zeki-michael-young-designer-studio-freelance-business
Page from the Brand Guidelines – explaining the layouts of the 12 oz packages in detail.


All artwork and layouts for various coffees and teas designed for the project.
The House Blend – featuring the gators of Florida.
The Latin Espresso – featuring Cuban cars and architecture.
The Dark Roast Espresso – featuring Plague Doctors’ in a playful way.
Also for stock packages, we built a flexible packaging system with a few different sticker layouts in case a new coffee is added or tested.
Cold Brew can designs
Verbiage from the Brand Guidelines

Brand Designer specialising in packaging.