In September, 2018  I worked on and completed label designs for Taft Coffee Company, the strongest coffee in Turkey with %212 caffeine percentage in their coffee!

Prior to the project, during a meeting I asked my client: ”What music genre would describe the finished design of your packages?” He replied in one word: “Rockstar.” At that moment I realised how confident Taft Coffee Co. is with their product.

Not only did my client mention of a visually badass genre, but he also gave me a mood boost by referring to what his brand feels like within this genre – a rockstar. After working our way through deadly themes and the mood of identity, Taft Coffee Co. agreed on working on a dangerous vibe so I delivered this direction!

Front die cut label and the packaging sticker.
Exploration and copywriting for assets to be used in the design.


Label on the back with brewing instructions illustrations.


Taft Coffee Company Roastery – 21.2 kg caffeine in 100 kg
Strong coffee turkey identity logo caffeine colour branding packaging istanbul united kingdom design 4x
Here is another direction I quite liked, but we thought it wasn’t sharp enough for the brand. So we had to kill it after the first presentation.